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Innovisionary Architects - Pronit Nath

Pronit Nath, Partner, Urban Studio

Young, dynamic and creative, Urban Studio is responsible for taking Indian design to another level.

"Urban Studio encourages and supports a continuing education programme for trainees, young professionals and the partners themselves."

Views & Beyond

Define innovation in architecture.
Innovation works on various levels - technological, cultural, contextual and financial. Innovation in architecture is how different ideas are used to find better ways of doing things in different contexts, and how they can be tweaked to specific needs in the cultural and financial context.

In India, jugaad thinking continues to aid the innovative process in a way that maximises resources whilst providing frugal solutions to engineering problems.

Which is your most innovative project and why?
The Tropical Lagoon (residential) and RASA Resorts are our most innovative projects as they respond to the respective social landscape and embody the culture of the people that inhabit them.

Name one innovative iconic structure and explain your choice.
The Eiffel Tower is innovative for its advanced and inventive construction methods, and for going ahead with the original proposed aesthetic in the face of opposition from the purists for its decidedly ´un-Parisian´, ´non classical´ look.

Tell us about a yet unaccomplished dream project.
I would like to work on an urban scale, creating designs that drive positive social change and provide affordable housing solutions.

What is your vision for the future of Indian architecture?
It is rapid urbanisation, decentralisation and decongestion of the metropolises, and development of more cities. This will broaden social landscapes, create more opportunities, and will infuse the much-needed energy and diversity into our architecture.

RNA Bizz - Commercial Building, Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai (Completion - 2015)
Inspired by the traditional Indian jaali screen, the fatade highlights visibility and light permeability. It acts as a second skin to the building, softening the harsh south-side sunlight and heat gain and providing privacy from adjacent structures. The unique fatade directly governs the visibility from the inside and influences the waveform aesthetic of the building from the outside. When arrayed, the shapes replicate a DNA strain pattern across X and Y axes.Two floors of this fatade have LED Pixel Media wall incorporated into the disc composition, which makes the building stand out even from a distance.

Tropical Lagoon - Housing Complex, Thane, Mumbai (Completed: Phase 1 - 2013)
This project has a unique hive-like skeleton that ensures good ventilation and lends a distinctive curve profile in four different orientations. Grills are used to enhance the depth of the curve. The fatade is punctured at regular intervals by four massive floor-high vertical gardens. The organised composition has also ensured economisation of the design, with both steel and RCC costs being cut down by at least 20 per cent.

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