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Industry Take | May 2015

Bathroom concepts

As bathrooms get trendier and customers get more demanding, the sanitaryware industry gets an upward swing. MK Ansari, Managing Director, Kriztle Bath & Wellness talks about what´s happening in this vertical.

Design, sophistication and technology are not limited to interiors but have invaded the bathroom space to give users a luxurious experience within the confines of their homes.

In conversation with MK Ansari, Managing Director, Kriztle Bath & Wellness on the bath and sanitaryware industry trends in India...

Elaborate on the bath and sanitaryware industry in India.
We can see there has been a paradigm shift in the concept of bath and bathrooms. The stressful modern life demands solitude, which has led to bathrooms being evolved as wellness rooms. It is a private retreat for us to get recharged. Wellness bath equipments are being offered to cater to this new requirement. Currently, bath and sanitary-ware market in India is in perfect sync with global trends.

What is your company´s role in this segment?
Our product portfolio is focused on the concept of bathe for wellness. Our dynamism makes it possible for us to offer new concepts that are globally in vogue to discerning Indian consumers. We adapt such products to suit Indian conditions with high level of customization. For example, for wash counters, we need faucets to be fitted on the centre or left side. Overall, we place ourselves as an affordable, luxury brand that keeps pace with global trends.

What are your most innovative products?
Our Europe series wash counter cabinets are made of celuka board, which is the best material for Indian bathrooms, given the moisture level. Cabinets made of MDF, HDF or natural wood are not as moisture resistant as celuka board. Our Aquapolis bathtubs come with a built-in heater, which keeps the water temperature inside the tub constant. Besides, for all our wellness products a water filter is a standard feature to prevent foreign particles entering the circulation. For the steam sauna, we have water softener to ensure durability of steam generator.

Who is your target customer?
Indian customers are now expecting a truly rejuvenating experience from their wellness wares. We focus on those customers who demand a space for daily retreat at their own homes. Kriztle caters to this requirement with exceptional quality products.

Which is your best selling product?
Co-ordinated wash counter is our top seller. We introduced it for the first time in India and ever since, we have the largest range in various shades and shapes. With a high level of customization for Indian market, our wash counters stand far ahead of the competition in terms of value and customer satisfaction.

Which are your upcoming products?
We are working on a range of unique infrared sauna panel for homes and health clubs, which don´t require a fully enclosed cubicle for sauna. We plan to launch this soon.

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