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Planned to Perfection

Mumbai-based architects Zubin and Krupa Zainuddin, from ZZ Architects, bring to life an expansive office space in Bengaluru and how!

Nothing in design is an accident. Be it a curve, colour or material, each element is a deliberate addition that gives the overall design its unique identity. This is the philosophy that architect couple Zubin and Krupa Zainuddin, Principal Architects, ZZ Architects, went by while designing a 12,000 sq ft office for a leading developer in the garden city of Bengaluru.

Spaced out

Given that the office site was situated in a premium location and building in Benga­luru, the designers found ample potential for transforming it into the ultimate working destination with a deft combination of premium materials, great accessories and plush, yet practical, furniture.

“The client wanted the space to accommo­date around 40 to 50 people. Our task was to ensure that no element got lost in
the expanse and everything fit into the defined parameters,” says Zubin Zainuddin. Moreover, the designers did not want
the space to look like a typical developer’s office, which explains why it is devoid of pictures, models or posters of the com­pany’s projects.

Curvy corners

Keeping the aesthetics of combination and contrast in mind, the couple started off with designing the large, curved structural wall that one encounters at the entrance. The wall leads the visitor to the reception desk – a monolithic piece of opera fantasy stone with traces of red that lend warmth to the area. The desk is contrasted with a dark Italian marble floor and dark sofas in the waiting space. The latter area is cordoned off in the corner of the main area and practically hidden by the wall.

An ethnic touch

Leading off from the waiting area are five meeting rooms with a very ethnic south Indian touch. Their walls are clad in green, orange and mustard silk wallpaper – a different colour in each room. The rooms are equipped with large sliding Japanese doors. Also, every minute detail has been deliberated over, like a stainless steel frame with a slot for accessories for the meeting room’s whiteboard, so that nothing juts out to mar the overall effect. “Such small touches give us a lot of satisfaction, especially when the client notices that extra effort,” says Zainuddin.

Hard work

The clients had exact specifications for the employees’ work space, including the location and size of the table, the number of drawers needed, etc. Local artisans were roped in to custom build fine furniture with the softness of south Indian archi­tecture. Placed in an environment with low partitions and individual lights illumi­nating each table, the effect is one of efficiency and transparency.

Premium spaces

While practicality, warmth and ethnic touches define the entire office, the director’s cabin exudes a plush, luxurious feel. Vying for attention with an exhilarating view is the eye-catching desk made of oiled walnut wood and onyx, set off by Corian and matte finished veneers behind textured wall covers, and premium furniture that has been procured from Stanley Boutique. The designer’s atten­tiveness is evident even in the lighting that softly illuminates each shelf in the book unit.

The conference room, with a typical large table, is highlighted by a contemporary chandelier that was customised specially for the room, keeping in mind that a projector would also be installed. Smart design has ensured that the bulky projector fits within the entire form and looks like a part of the whole sculpture.

Underlining the unique

Augmenting the premium nature of the office is the bathroom – it is finished with exclusive marble that has streaks of vibrant orange interspersed with blue and cream. “The idea was to pick up a few slabs and build a story around it, but we could not clad the entire bathroom with this marble and had to use patches. But, even these give a sense of richness,” says Zainuddin.
Niches are to be found throughout the office, each with a specific purpose; they are functional elements that have been used as a part of the lighting scheme. “We have given each room two to three lighting options to give the user flexibility of ambience,” states Zainuddin. Apart from this, some niches are decorated with brass statues that are typical of the south Indian culture; sometimes, the statues are the one element that brings the room to life.

Thus, despite the many challenges posed by the space and the brief, Zubin and Krupa Zainuddin, with their vibrant colours, tex­tures and luxurious materials, have created an office that is both unique and classy.

Meet the designers: Krupa and Zubin Zainuddin

Firm: ZZ Architects, founded in 2002.
Firm specialisation: Multidisciplinary architectural and interior design practice.
Design philosophy: Every detail in a project counts.
Philosophy towards life: Unlearn and learn every day.
Favourite architect/Designer: Too many to be selective of.

Total area: 10,000 sq ft
Total cost: Rs 5,000/sq ft
Text: Shanti Padukone


ZZ Architects, A-403, Prathmesh Tower, Raghuvanshi Mills Compound, Lower Parel (W), Mumbai-400 013. Tel: 022-4360 6666.
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