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Private Quarters | October 2013

Musing materials

Sapna and Deepan Gohil of I and I Designs uses a variety of materials to lend this home on Marine Drive in Mumbai a unique design.

Most luxury homes these days are influenced by hotels to some degree, seeking to replicate their sleek swankiness using similar materials and styling. But here's a home that seeks to be different ' it takes its cues from retail stores! A fantastic display of creativity and a ceiling that inspires awe in passersby on the adjoining street, this home designed by Sapna and Deepan Gohil, Principal Architects of I and I Designs is a potential trendsetter in its own right.

Ceiling it up Enter the home and you are enveloped by a sense of warmth. The large living room is divided into the formal seating area and the dining area with the entrance in the centre. A metallic screen on one side and a display area on the other ensure that anyone at the door doesn't get a view of the living room, thus maintaining privacy.

Once in, the glamour of the design strikes you. The eyes are drawn upwards to the magnificent onyx print glass ceiling with wooden rafters.'To achieve this look, 50-60 different pieces of onyx printed glass have been fixed and all the services are placed along the periphery. Lighting brings in the typical onyx glow. The entire living room has this ceiling except a central panel that visually divides the living and dining area and also creates a sense of a passage alongside the width of the main door and extends to the wall opposite it,' elaborates Sapna. In the un-onyxed area, she has used wooden rafters with gold foiling that are uplit and backlit.

Material laboratory
Experimentation with material is evident throughout the house. The bar, which offers a splendid view of the sea, is another beauty, with the counter top created in actual copper. A metal screen and back-lit onyx lend the required drama to the bar front while storage units alongside the wall have also been given a copper effect to amplify the feel.

Another exploration of material is the use of concrete panels on the walls to balance the glow of the onyx. Another reason we used these panels instead of directly plastering the walls with concrete was because the structure of the building was very old, and we wanted a smooth look, shares Sapna.

Inside story
Walking through, one sees the understated master bedroom, the elegant bedroom designed for the grandmother and the rustic-themed, charming bedroom for the kids. Furniture for all rooms has been picked up mostly from Spain, while exclusive lights by Catellani and Smith add drama to the spaces. The theme for the kids room was black and grey and slate stone has been used here on the wall in keeping with the theme. A niche has been carved out to create a funky seating area while rings that are actually lights add a playful element of interest to this room.

The master bedroom has a separate walk-in closet and since it is fairly small in terms of width, the TV has been mounted on a side wall; a recliner across that wall provides for comfortable viewing. A stunning mirror mosaic and a leatherette headboard bring oomph to this otherwise simple room with a crime and brown theme. Throughout the house, the designers have used high quality wooden flooring in different shades that follow the theme of the room.

With all the passion for experimentation and attention to detail that has been lavished upon this home, the outcome had to be this absolute stunner of a home!

Total Area: 1,862/sq ft
Total Cost: Rs. 4 crore
text: Sumisha Gilotra
photos: Indrajit Sathe

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