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Industry Take | November 2014

Handmade beauty

In a world of assembly line products, there is still a niche for handmade creations. Carpets and rugs for interior design are one such product category. Read on to know more.

With the advent of industrialisation, machine-made products have taken over our homes. In a value versus cost scenario, cost always triumphs! This fact almost diminishes the handmade products market. However, there are a few companies that are still striving to strike a balance between cost and quality of craftsmanship. We speak to Adarsh Mishra, Founder Handmade World, who talks about the handmade carpets industry in India and its products.

In a market full of industrial products, who is the target customer for your handmade carpets?
Our philosophy is to make handmade rugs an important part of interior design, create original and timeless pieces, which enhance their surroundings and generate a dialogue with their environment. We want the younger generation to understand the value of our products and consider handmade creations while making their purchases. We work in a business-to-business environ and predominantly deal with interior designers and architects.

What is your company´s USP and brand philosophy?
A handmade rug has the ability to create visual appeal and induce a non-verbal inter¡action, and to bring joy, personality and finesse to any interior. Our rugs focus on the three main aspects of colour, energy and shape. Shape is particularly important as people generally opt for rectangular rugs while so many different shapes can flow through an interior space. We also focus on rounds, squares, runners and all the possible shapes. Moreover, our customer service and commitments are our core values.

What is the market share of handmade vis-a-vis machine-made carpets in India?
The demand for handmade carpets is less as the makers are facing tough competition from machine-made carpets. A consumer is able to buy machine-made carpets at much lesser prices and they get more design options to choose from. It is difficult to produce many options in handmade carpets. But the only way to increase demand is to produce new design and colour ranges. However, handmade or hand knotted car¡pets are luxury pieces and hence command premium prices.

What are the customer preferences and demands?
It varies from customer to customer and depends a lot on his taste. Even the age group of the customer makes a lot of difference, for instance, the age group of 30-35 prefers modern rugs, the 35-45 age group likes a mix of traditional and contemporary rugs, and age 45 and above want traditional rugs with style fusion.

Which is your most unique offering?
Our unique offering is the wide range of modern hand knotted and hand tuffted rugs. We also offer customisation as part of our services. Professionals can count on our support in providing the right products according to their needs and projects for their clients.

Tell us more about customisation
Customised handmade carpet is a growing market now in India as well. I feel that while customers often look for stock rugs for the designs and colours that they want, it is very rare that they will find the exact size as per their requirement. That´s where customisation comes in.

Elaborate on product availability and workshop inventory
Most of the products shown on the website are readily avail¡able. The shipping time taken is 7-10 working days, depending on the location. For customisation, we have a design bank where a client can choose his option and have the rug made accordingly. The time taken for custom-made rugs depends on the size and weave - for hand knotted rugs it takes 12-16 weeks, while for hand tuffted rugs it takes 4-8 weeks.

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