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Communication Feature | March 2015

Perfection personified

Foster appliances help create elegant kitchen interiors with materials that provide the best performance.
Elegance, performance, reliability and respect for the environment are the four assets that a Foster appliance stands by. One is guaranteed to find the perfect cooking appliance to match any sink, made of AISI 304 (18/10) stainless steel and flawless finishes. Every detail, from the hood to the oven, and from form to substance, reflects the long experience of a company accustomed to design appliances alongside the most renowned European kitchen manufacturers. Another pillar of strength for Foster is research that enables it to venture into new territories to improve the functionality of the products. The company´s history is rooted in innovation in built-in appliances and a strong passion for art which is steeped in the philosophy of environ¡mental protection. Foster designs and manufactures built-in appliances exclusively in Italy, based on careful study of functionality, safety and ergonomics of a kitchen. Continuous technical and technological development has been its aim in a bid to enhance customer expe¡rience. High energy efficiency Foster offers a broad and modern selection of cooker hobs tailored to various space-related needs and implements special technological features in order to guarantee energy saving. The new cooker hobs feature first-of-its-kind high-efficiency burners that ensure a cut in gas consumption up to 25%. Moreover, 100% of its household appliances are in class ´A´ in energy savings.

High efficiency burners (AE): saving 25% Thanks to the new AE burners (Alta Efficienza i.e. high efficiency), the new cooker hobs have a maximum efficiency rate of 69%. Furthermore, the new pro¡duct with item code: 7278 032 features a very high-power burner (5 kW).

III^ Series burners: saving 20%br>The new cooker hobs have III^ Series burners. Their efficiency is vastly sup¡erior as per the dictates of European standards, with an extensive min/max power ratio for utmost flexibility of use. The system that locks the cover and burner cap in place achieves perfect positioning, which makes cleaning extremely practical. Foster´s entire range is made with AISI 304 - (18/10) authentic steels. Due to the high percentages of chrome and nickel they contain, they give a particularly bright finish, are extremely sturdy and resistant to rust and corrosion.

(Communication by the management of the company)

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