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New age kitchens

Kitchens have evolved from functionality to spatial experiences. Trends, designs and high-tech features are ruling consumer choices for their kitchens.
Internationally, kitchen trends are dynamic as they go beyond modular kitchens, modern appliances, elegant counter tops and faucets. Newer kitchen features include integrated islands, moving worktops, self-cleaning surfaces, smart refrigerators, 3D food printers, faucets controlled with smart phone and cookers controlled remotely to have dinner ready when one reaches home.

Indian kitchens, too, have been marching forward trying to keep pace with global trends. Aesthetically and functionally better designed, contemporary kitchens flaunt minimalistic features that include island layout, sleek appliances and worktops in varied designs, colours and materials.

Market mapping
´The size of the Indian kitchen product industry is pegged at Rs 2,500 crores, and is expected to grow at CAGR of 45 percent between 2013 and 2018. The main growth drivers will be rapid urbanisation, boom towns with high spend capacity and cities coming under Tier I,´ reveals Anuj Jain, CEO, Jindal Architecture.

The kitchen industry is dominated largely by unorganized sector. The organised sector has a mix of Indian and international players like Philips, Faber, Siemens, Bosch, Fisher & Paykel, Bleu Concepts, GE Appliances, Siemens, Jindal, TTK Prestige, Bajaj, Godrej and Hindware.

´The market is actually dominated by carpentered kitchens,´ confirms Bedraj Tripathy, Assistant Vice President, Integrated Marketing, Godrej Interio. ´International players operate in the high-end segment, which has a small volume, largely driven by built-in appliances. In the mid segment, there are a good number of local players and a handful of branded national players in the organized segment.´

´The market is dominated by home grown brands,´ avers Chandru Kalro, Chief Operating Officer TTK Prestige Limited. ´International brands have struggled to cope with customer understanding and supply chain issues in the country. The cultural diversity makes the customer insights to change from state to state.´

Although the current penetration in the appliances segment is considered low, there are opportunities galore as the market is dynamic. In the future, the kitchen will be viewed not only as a place for cooking and eating but also as a multi-functional space for entertaining, working and relaxing. The trends will lean towards merging of kitchens and open/garden spaces, ergonomic designs, efficient storage spaces, ultra convenience using hi-tech intelligent interactive appliances, energy monitoring and using alternate energy sources for powering the appliances and catering to the health conscious customers.

Technology and sustainability
Manish Jain, Director, Bleu Concepts, says, ´Imagine yourself rolling out of bed, hitting a button on your iPhone, and dragging yourself bleary-eyed into the kitchen to find a freshly-brewed cappuccino waiting. These imaginative scenes will be part of your life in the near future. The integration of smart technology will be more dominant in the coming decades. The kitchen will be intelligent, thinking and caring for its inhabitants. Foods will be considered and cooked in accordance with the nutrients and vitamins they provide. Technology will seamlessly integrate into day-to-day living and relieve us of laborious tasks.´

Many companies are focusing on manufacturing eco-friendly products like washing machines with silent operation, cold wash options that save energy and water-saving jet systems, low energy consumption induction hobs and kitchen units made from renewable and biodegradable materials. ´I see the future kitchen designs influenced in three ways -- use of rapidly renewable and recycled materials, energy efficient appliances combined with multi¡tasking ability and self learning to adjust individual requirements for best use of resources,´ opines Tripathy.

Trends, technology and convenience are the future of kitchens!
Text: Janaki Krishnamoorthi
Sandip Somany,

Joint Managing Director HSIL
Modern gadgets are revamping and inventing new designs and features to add panache, ease and convenience to meet the present day needs. In the domain of kitchen appliances ´smart technology´ is the buzzword. Compact designs, clean straight lines and sustainable features like auto-cleaning, soft touch buttons in appliances and aerators in faucets are on the rise. Stainless steel is an all-time favourite and white continues to dominate.

Chandru Kalro,
COO, TTK Prestige Limited

The major factors that will influence the future kitchen trends are health, changing cuisines, aesthetics, design, time and efficiency.

Sanjeev Wadhwa,
Managing Director,
Fisher & Paykel India

The growing consumers interest in seamless ´living and cooking´ space, will give way to more open kitchens with innovatively designed appliances that will break the wall between cooking, living and dining areas and create better working and social environments..

Bedraj Tripathy,
Assistant Vice President- Integrated Marketing, Godrej Interio

With concepts of ´net neutrality´ and ´Internet of Things´, technology will come to play a larger role. We will witness drastic changes like integration of gadgets, lighting control and cooking technologies, which will be driven by changes in lifestyles.

Manish Jain,
Director, Bleu Concepts

Changing lifestyles and aspirations will incite the transformation of a kitchen, making it a smart self-sustaining and emotionally intelligent epicentre of homes. Future will surely belong to smart kitchens loaded with inbuilt technology interlinked to provide best food as per users´ needs and choices. Emphasis will be on green kitchens with effective waste management and ways to incorporate nature in the cooking.

Dinesh Aggarwal,
Joint Managing Director, Anchor Electricals

With modern kitchens getting compact and modular, lighting has become a crucial element that not only has to provide illumination but also add aesthetic value to the space. LED lighting has made this task easier. An effective use of different types of LED lights along with fluorescent fixtures can ensure proper lighting while complementing the surrounding spaces in the kitchen.

Anuj Jain,
Chief Executive Officer, Jindal Architecture

Western India prefers metallic look for kitchens, while southern India prefers vibrant colours, whereas north and east go for pastel hues. Bigger bungalows prefer ´U´ shaped or island kitchens whereas apartments prefer ´L´ shaped or straight kitchens.

Amit Porwal,
Interior Designer and Chief Execute Officer, Icon Projects Inspace Kitchen trends in India are getting more global. Appliances and gadgets are all standardised and they all require specific design details. There is going to be a huge revolution in kitchen design. Materials used in the kitchen will be more eco-friendly and sustainability will be the key factor.

New Age Kitchen Gizmos
Foodini from Natural Machines

Foodini is a 3D food printer that will print both savoury and sweet foods, using fresh, real ingredients. Positioned as an alternative healthier option to packaged food/pre-made meals, it automates food preparation. Once the user selects the recipe to be printed, Foodini will instruct what to put in each capsule, and then printing will begin. Pastas, burgers, chicken nuggets, pizzas, chips, crackers and chocolate are some of the items that can be printed. Scheduled to be launched in the first half of 2015, Foodini will be priced around Ç1,000 (approximately $1,300) and will be available worldwide including India.

Smart Inverter 2.0 Refrigerators from LG Electronics India
Smart Inverter 2.0 Refrigerators, the new range with the Smart Connect, Smart Inverter Compressor and Smart Diagnosis is designed to ensure smart power management. During power cuts, the fridge automatically converts Normal Mode to Inverter-On Mode and will adjust to consume less energy and make the battery last longer. While guaranteeing 36 percent energy saving and 30 percent less noise, it also has a troubleshooting feature that enables faster problem solving. It has air tight spice box, beauty and care box, 16-egg tray and a large fresh zone. Starting with capacity from 255l to 495l, the fridge price ranges between Rs26,500 and Rs66,100.

Silent Move from Haecker Kitchens
Silent Move is a counter top that moves smoothly across providing access to the hob and sink housed in the base unit. Silent Move is available in three designs: Romeo & Juliet, Compact and Flying Bridge. Made in 13 granite variants and 5 synthetic stone varieties, it is available in all the countries where Hacker is present, including India. Silent Move is customised and approximate price would be around Rs35 to Rs40 lakh.

Drop Kitchen Scale from Drop Limited
This kitchen scale connected to an iPad app, helps you to arrive at the right amount of ingredients for a recipe without having to measure. Drop provides instructions for preparing any recipe and also has ´smart scaling´ function. The Drop scale is priced at $99.95 in the US, $109.95 in Canada, -79.95 in the UK and Ç99.95 across Europe. It is not currently available in India.

Nolte Neo from Nolte Kitchens
Nolte Neo embodies a ground-breaking and radical vision of future kitchens. It represents hybrid kitchen planning playing with surfaces and styles. The modules include a yellow lacquered depot, a display cabinet, a library, a fireplace and a pedestal for art. It is available in three styles - Nolte Neo Loft (graffiti prints and stainless steel look), Nolte Neo Chalet (dark oak, marble surfaces and a crackling fire) and Nolte Neo Salon (modern drawing room element). Nolte Neo is yet to be launched.

Iceberg Kitchen from Bleu Concepts
A revolutionary concept for kitchen storage, Iceberg maintains a fine balance between design and functionality. The rear wall in lacquered glass and LED-lit is designed with customised fittings and shelving system to address different storage requirements. The overhead shutters are made of lacquered glass set in an aluminium frame, and the base units are finished in a Hi Gloss paint imported from Italy. The counter top is 12 mm Du Pont Corian. Provided with German engineered fittings for the sliding and drawer channels, this unit is available in more than 30 finishes. Iceberg is priced at `20,00,000 upwards.

DishDrawer from Fisher & Paykel Appliances
Winner of the most innovative kitchen product of the year at the Indian Kitchen Congress in 2013, this innovative dishwasher in a drawer form offers multiple configurations, along with a choice of material finishes. Ergonomically designed, it requires no bending and less movement to open, load and close. The flexible racking system ensures efficient loading to minimise water and energy consumption. It is powered by SmartDrive intelligent technology and has nine wash programmes, including eco options, flood protection, key lock and tub lock. Price range - Rs70,000 - Rs1,35,000

Panasonic LED from Anchor Electricals
This state-of-the-art range for residences includes LED ceiling lights, compact ceiling lights, ChandellingS, LED brackets and Battens that boast of features such as built in LED drivers, aesthetic designs, availability in warm white and cool daylight, with remote controlled features, too. This signature range of Panasonic LED offers operating efficiency with 40,000 burning hours life of the lamp source. The price ranges from Rs1,000 to Rs40,000.

Hindware Cooker Hood from HSIL Limited
The Cooker Hood rangeis available in stainless steel and tempered glass equipped with wind tunnel that helps in maintaining a clean smoke-free and fresh environment. With a soft touch control, digital display and a cassette filter it has an air flow of 1100m3/hr. Price: Rs-45,990

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