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Private Quarters | March 2015

A Home in the sky

A triplex in a skyscraper, designed by AAd, flaunts the charms of an independent house.
For a city dweller, a house in a skyscraper lends a sense of achievement while an Asian heart is always inclined towards an independent house with a private garden, courtyard and spaces designed around a large tree. This home in Bangkok, by local designers AAd (Ayutt and Associates design), which is located between the 53rd and 55th level of a high-end residential tower, called the Pano, brings both these aspects together and how!

Built on the concept of ´a house in a skyscraper´, this home provides private outdoor spaces, which perform as a courtyard, accommodating terrace, pocket garden and swimming pool. Most public facilities like living and party spaces are located on the accessible floors, which are on the first and top level, while private functions, such as bedroom and working area, occupy the second floor.

Nature meets luxury
An impacting decision in the design of this house was the use of nature to define luxury and blurring the lines between nature and manmade beauty. With panoramic views of the historic Chao Phraya River, this penthouse unit was specially developed for a single family who loves entertaining guests. The stunning views that the house offers are captured through the design of fluid spaces that blur the boundaries between the interiors and exteriors. The transparency of glass has been used to ensure that the spaces flow into each other, thereby inviting the visitor to explore the space like a home.

Nature within
The hall and the main living space act as the first threshold between the communal areas and the private domain. Designed as the key feature of the house that´s meant to facilitate interactions, both these areas display the lavish art pieces collected by the client over the years. However, the highlight of the house is the elegant and exceptional terrace, punctuated by a tree incredibly planted on the 53rd floor of a residential tower, which accentuates the feel of old Asian homes where all spaces are designed around the central courtyard with a Banyan tree. Also, this allows all the areas in the home to open up to nature and natural light.

The main staircase leads to the rooftop and a stone sky garden. Even the master bathroom is designed along the lines of nature with vertical plants that create a comfortable and calming atmosphere to this small room. The bar on the top-terrace also opens up to the planters.

High living
On the top level, the owner can step out onto the terrace, which provides an open outdoor space, thus allowing family and friends to enjoy sunshine and fresh air. The swimming pool and garden provide the ideal image of a single-family house in Bangkok. To create this outdoor space, walls were removed from the original layout and the BBQ kitchen was expanded with a sunbath deck and dining area conceived as dynamic spaces surrounded by the outdoor swimming pool. The entertainment room, terrace and pool can be a recreational space for both kids and adults, allowing freedom and space for children while grown-ups enjoy their time out.

The gardens around the private space are not only aimed at enhancing visual quality, but also at encouraging family and friends to move around and socilise.

The aesthetic of this house is straight out of a dream accompanied with a sense of nostalgia. With a combination of nature, luxury and contemporary design based on traditional inspirations, this house is quite literally a modern castle ´in the air´.

Designer: Ayutt and Associates design
Lead designer: Ayutt Mahasom
Designers: Suvatthana Satthbannasuk, Sasivimol Utisup
Total area of project: 700 sq m
Total cost of project: 700,000 USD
Text: Sumisha Gilotra
photos: Piyawut Srisakul
AAd, Tel: +66 84 377 5777.

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