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Private Quarters | August 2013

Steeped in splendour

Nestled in one of the busy western suburbs of Mumbai is Prasanna Divekar's home. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, it is a haven of peace designed exactly as per the client's brief - an uncomplicated, elegant and classy design; a house that would exude warmth and charm, and no compromise on quality and modern conveniences. Amitabh Talreja, the designer of this house, has done all this and more...

Two in one

The spacious living room is segregated into two seating areas: one is the formal living room with a 10-seater sofa, while the other part of the room is the den. Equipped with a TV-cum-home theatre system and separated from the formal section with a glass partition, the den is the 'entertainment centre' of the house. Diffused lights are used in both areas, but more focused LED lights are used in the den to give it the feel of a theatre.

The den opens into the more relaxed, casual ambience of the balcony. A Buddha statue rests on one end of the balcony and an onyx marble bar rests on the other. The backlit orange bar has concealed shutters, giving an impression of an installed art piece. The heavy wooden plank ceiling with backlit LED lights makes the house stand out distinctly when viewed from afar.

Cooking and dining

The dining area, again, is a very formal setting. The designers had planned to buy an antique dining table collection but when they could not, they replicated it locally. The customised beige, velvet-like chairs and the wooden table give the dining area its exclusivity. The kitchen, with its small kitchen island, is a modern space. It has granite countertops and wooden concealed shutters in the true tradition of classic kitchen design.

Custom-made bedrooms

There is no single theme that the design of the house is built around - there are several distinct and imaginative design elements that are strung together into a cohesive whole. For the bedroom, the client had desired simple, clean lines. So Talreja gave it a signature look with a queen-sized bed and a chic white leather headboard. A special walk-in wardrobe and ethnic designer wallpaper, together with other elements, makes the room a charming blend of traditional and modern styles.

The client's mother wanted her bedroom to be neat and basic. Keeping this in mind, the designer outfitted the room with just the bare necessities: a double bed with an American walnut headboard, a small seating area and a TV for her entertainment. The bright red drapes provide a contrast to the white walls.

Colour play

The colour theme is subtle and understated throughout the house. Selected walls have been splashed with colour to provide relief from the monotony of white walls. The entrance of the house has a bright yellow-textured wall. Wallpapers of dusted gold and regal gold shades in the living room and master bedroom provide the home its gilt edge.

Minimalist and simple yet full of interesting design elements, this is one house where the effect of the total design is more than the sum of its parts.

Meet the designer: Amitabh Talreja

Firm: KL Talreja Associates, founded in 2001.
Firm Specialisation: Residences and offices.
Design philosophy: The emphasis in our work has been on innovative planning to maximise space utilization and development of properly intergrated systems and services into an aesthetically designed concept.
Favourite architect/Designer: Hafeez Contractor, Rekha Nambiar.


Amitabh Talreja Mobile: (0)98922 02992. E-mail:

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