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Focus Story | December 2014

Irish Accent

Beautifully crafted furniture by renowned Irish designer Joseph Walsh is now within your reach, as the brand ties up with Ambika Hinduja and makes a splendid debut in India.

Irish designer Joseph Walsh is a magician with wood and his creations can be labelled as functional sculptures or sculptural furniture. Call them what you may, his designs are simply breathtaking. With a creative approach that reflects his appreciation of nature and also his desire to engage the user with visual and tactile experiences, he creates wonders with wood, which question the limitations of the material. Joseph´s designs are now available in India through his associate representative Ambika Hinduja, who also has some fabulous designs to her credit.

We present here some of the unique designs by Joseph which are a part of the Enignum, Lilium and Erosion series designed by him...

Enignum Canopy Bed
Enignum canopy bed is part of the Enignum series of work in which Joseph has stripped wood into thin layers, and manipulated and reconstructed it as free form compositions. Enignum is derived from the Latin words Enigma meaning mystery, and Lignum meaning wood. The Enignum canopy bed works on the concept of a private space with a cocooned feeling of protection. The silk canopy creates an enclosure that can be customised for every season.

Erosion Table
In the Erosion series, Walsh has emphasised the pattern of erosion. This energy of material removal is recorded in the furniture´s form. The relationship between erosion and the original composition is revealed in a fluid layered pattern. The Erosion Table is layered in olive ash and rippled ash, which is then finished with white oil and brushed for effects.

Enignum Console Table
The Enignum console table is but a piece of glass resting on a wooden ribbon. ¨In the Enignum series of work, I form compositions. Then I shape them through these layers to reveal not only the honesty of the structure but the sculpted form, too, which is a unique collaboration of man and material,¨ elaborates Walsh.

Enignum Shelf
Designed in the signature stripped wood of the Enignum series, the Enignum shelf is part of a limited edition collection in India. Its free form composition with the white oil finish on olive ash gives it a truly artistic look.

Lilium 2
The Lilium series explores the relationship between the geometric and the organic. While some pieces follow symmetrical repetition, others erupt into glorious, abstract shapes. Joseph expands on the formation and layering language of his Enignum series, and once again refers to natural elements that inspire his work. The finished pieces blur the line between objects and living things, while capturing the natural instinct of the material toward growth. They mimic nature´s patterns - beginning with a bulb-like cohesive form and growing as per diverse circumstances. Joseph follows the curve of the wood to carve out a piece of furniture, so, like a sculpture it transitions from a structured, predictable object into a freely flowing work of art.

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