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Innovisionary Architects - Kamal Malik & Arjun Malik

Kamal Malik & Arjun Malik, Proprietors, Malik Architecture

Entrepreneurs of design, masters of concepts, this father and son duo spearhead one of the few practices in the country that enjoys an integrated capability of architectural, structural, HVAC, electrical, mechanical and interior designing...

"Their work draws inspiration from nature, not through its physical forms, but through its principles and processes."

Views & Beyond

Define innovation in architecture
Innovation is progress - it is ultimately a manner of seeing and is based on relativism. Whether it is a gradual evolution or a radical leap, it implies a departure from convention, resulting in an improved solution. Systemic and strategic innovation is rare and has far reaching results. Unfortunately, very often under the guise of innovation what we get is superficial gimmickry.

Which is your most innovative project and why?
It is impossible to isolate a single project. Each project, rooted within its own immediate context, reacts to certain stimuli, as a synthesis of the internal (center) and external (circumference) forces, and the varying scales of responses represent a series of innovations.

Name one innovative iconic structure in the world
The word innovation stretches across a massive bandwidth of gestures and applications, such as spatial, material, technological, urban, sustainable and structural. Different projects have expressed ideas that operate at differing scales, and on diametrically opposite techno¡logical platforms. Instead of focusing on a single project, our instinct is to gravitate towards exemplary moments in a vast number of projects.

What is your vision for the future of Indian architecture?
Architecture that treads delicately and gracefully; that respects our planet and our people; that accepts permanence as an unattainable illusion; and that acknowledges the human spirit as the protagonist.

Khorakiwala Residence, K Lagoon, Sasavne, Alibaug, Completion: December 2013

The house has been built using four main materials - stone, wood, clay tiles and fly-ash blocks. Natural light and ventilation as well as semi outdoor and shaded outdoor spaces are well-planned. A composite structural technology was introduced using thin steel plates sandwiched between wood planks. This opened up a fascinating window of achieving larger spans (yet using slender sections of wood). A hamam has been beautifully recreated with circular openings in the slab for natural light.

Bandra One - Prozone, Mumbai, residential service apartments, Completion: Mid 2015

The humongous 1,25,000 sq ft built- up area has been arranged to create a dominant superstructure that hovers above a submissive podium. This contradiction where the lighter volume sits on the ground while the heavier one floats above it, is a recurring theme within the overall concept. A long central section extends vertically through the height of the apartment floors, bringing in natural light and creating a comfortable environment. An openable glass fa├žade is used to maximise natural light and offer each apartment a panoramic view.

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