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Global Glimpse | May 2015

Shock proof

Interior designer Karim Rashid gave Fun Factory, a store for intimate products in Munich, an organic and open space that complements the passion and desire associated with the subject.

A step into Fun Factory, a sex toy store in Munich, Germany, is enough to enthral you with its futuristic design. The fluid lines of the interiors, the colour scheme of black, white and gold, interesting display case and private nooks make this store a design haven.

Love and design
The Fun Factory at Munich is the third store by the Bremen toymaker brand. The brand´s latest products and bestsellers will be presented straight from its headquarters on the Weser River to the sophisticated ambience of the new store on Reichenbachstrasse 1. Given the delicacy of the subject of sex toys and accessories, the store design had to echo the sensuality and sophistication of the subject at hand and at the same time provide privacy and comfort to the patrons.

Elaborating on this, Rashid said, ´In one sense, the environment had to communicate an open, clean and joyful experience that complements the sexual context of the store. The interior needed to be inviting and visually provocative when seen from the street, as well as when immersed inside. Simultaneously, the customers absolutely needed a level or privacy while shopping within. I designed private niches for shop-¡ping and lounging, to allow the visitors comfort and discretion.´

The revamp of the existing building called for a complete renovation and complicated re-structuring. Rashid has used organic shapes throughout the two floors of the 180 sq m space of the store. With clean clear lines, he has replicated the secondary erogenous zones of a woman´s anatomy like the curves of the neck, collarbone, behind the knee, hips, and lips. The purpose behind this is to make the woman shopper feel strong and confident about her choices. ´The display tables are reminiscent of my dildo design, Mr. Pink, for Fun Factory,´ he added.

Inside the store, organic forms and fluid lines convey the shopper from one zone to another effortlessly. The use of curved arches and glossy finishes on the walls help the patrons feel comfortable within a sophisticated surrounding, one that doesn´t intimidate. The use of texture on walls and glass add to the idea of mystery, enticing women to come and explore the grounds of sensual pleasures. The lighting is diffused and the displays are open, allowing the shopper to look at them closely. The private niches designed within the floor are meant for the patron´s discretion.

´Once marginal and taboo, sex and sex toys, like design, are now ubiquitous. The under-¡lying narratives of sex toys, like perfume bottles for example, are desire, form, seduction, beauty, and physicality. Design is a public subject. Design is now shaping every aspect of living so the final frontier is to shape a better sex life,´ shares Rashid.

Emotion enthral
For the Fun Factory, Munich store, Karim was determined to create a retail environment filled with desire, emotion, and passion. Although the physical architecture of the existing building was difficult to soften, he succeeded in designing a sensual space. ´The fine line for me was to do something tasteful, not too literal, and a bit abstract, since the objects they sell are so animated,´ he says as he explains the concept.

With an aim to create a store design that would be enticing from the outside and beguiling from the inside, the design attempts to convey the feelings of joy and ease for the shopper who has come in to look at the array of intimate products. The store houses sex toys, lingerie, sensual accessories, body care products, exotic club wear and seductive literature.

Design has indeed penetrated all aspects of modern lives and the way it is seamlessly integrated with sensual pleasures is truly noteworthy.

Text: Kanishka Ramchandani

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