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Addictive Design

Bold, energetic and embracing, Rehab in Mumbai is the place to shed your inhibitions and enjoy the moment.

Easy to miss in the day, but a jewel that shines bright in the night, Rehab is the newest party place in the queen of suburbs – Bandra – in Mumbai. A standalone structure at one of the smaller streets in Bandra, the brick façade of Rehab primes one to expect a completely rustic interior. Startlingly, past the leather door, the inside is a sensual looking space, that inspires one to let their hair down and let loose! It takes a little time for it all to sink in – the bright LED lights, the crystals on the ceiling, the Gothic-cum-contemporary look, the textual twists….

“Every person is in need of a rehab to bring him­self out of the stresses in his life. Thus, we thought of this name,” shares owner Suved Lohia, who has provided several significant inputs to Minal Chopra, a stylist cum interior designer who has designed Rehab. “For me Rehab is a sensual playground that communicates and inspires without excess,” says Chopra who heads her firm – ‘I Need Space‘. She gives credit for the bold design to the open-mindedness of her client, who encouraged her offbeat ideas. “I wanted to create something that gives people the courage to be different while making a lasting impression,” she says.

Fantasy world

The various elements of the space are based on common fantasies and feelings encountered by humans. There are corners and seating spaces around the club which create an illusion of different spaces within a space. These are divided into zones – Love, Lust, Sane, Insane, all boldly fused into the furniture and comple­mented by the décor elements around. Then we have the dramatic elements, like the pole (which declares, “It’s kinky only the first time”), syphorex clad idumus with gothic style engravings, the community table in the centre with elephant tusks and much more. The designer has tried to create intelligent humour through elements that play in the sub- conscious mind and fused it with playfulness. “The overall play of words is a cacophony of craziness; it entertains you and amuses you for long enough to spot something you like!” says Chopra.


Words are an important part of the ambience here. Carefully chosen, the phrases are not just provocative; exhortations like “Be Amazing”, “Be a hot stud” “Be a love machine”, “It’s now or never” are sounds from ones subconscious. The entire project is executed through its smallest detail and every element, though distinct and contrasting, complements and fits in beautifully.

Unxpected twists

The detailing extends even to the restrooms, which have the same attitude. “I’ve tried to carry the overall fun element of the place to the toilets too. The idea was to do away with the mundane male/female format hence the choice of unisex toilets with classification saying ‘STABLE’ for the standing urinals; ‘UNSTABLE’ for the sitting WCs, supplemented by funny signage for the same!” The washbasins are in grouted textured glass with chrome-finishing fabricated in-house, adding glam to the bevelled cut mirror detailing with colour changing LEDs.

Artistically inclined

The textures and the dark Emprado Italian marble on the floor give richness to the space. Gothic motifs with witty lines have been used to treat the columns at the entrance and give them an art deco appeal. Traditional bricks in the private seating area evoke a vintage-like feel, only to be sharply offset by the grunge distress textures in bronze and gold that stress modern urban style. Bevelled mirror panels add dimension to the whole place, at the same time enhancing the illumination effect.

Lights in action

The illumination device is an attention grabber itself, thanks to the 900 diamond-shaped cry­stals with LED fixtures. The diamonds, plotted in a ripple pattern from the centre of the space to the private enclosures, are controlled as a pixel that allows one to create low resosultion videos on the ceiling which move according to the sound. “Every diamond/pixel has been per­fectly plotted, calculated and tested rigorously – lest the pattern get flawed and the ceiling ruined,” says Chopra.

So whether you are happy or sad, in love or heartbroken, sane or insane, successful or otherwise, Rehab offers celebration and succ­our for all, in equal measure!

Total Area: 1,900 sq ft
Total Cost: Rs 7,500/ sq ft
Acoustic consultant: Kapil Thawani
Text: Sumisha Arora
Photos: Sajna Sivan

Meet the designer: Minal Chopra

Firm: ‘I Need Space’ founded in February 2011.
Firm specialisation: Hospitality and residential design
Design philosophy: Create; Don’t Hesitate.....Excel; Don’t Compete!
Philosophy towards life: Be amazing!
Favourite architects/Designers: Raseel Gujral, Phillipe Starck and Andrew Martin.

Contact: I Need Space, 30-Sumeet, 11th Road, JVPD scheme, Mumbai 400 049. Mobile: (0)98674 3338. E-mail:
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