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A Balanced Boat

Sandhya Seth of Kreative Strokes whips up a delectable eco-friendly design for the Manthan office.

You don't need a survey result to explain what an employee expects of an office. Give him a comfortable workspace, ample break out zones, a well-structured lobby and cafeteria, a space overlooking the view outside, and you have a happy worker. For an employer, priorities lie in effective design with energy efficiency, maximum utilisation of space, a grand first impression and maximisation of available resources. The challenge of designing a good office lies in satisfying both the employer and the employee. Putting together both their requirements is the Manthan office by AMR, designed by Sandhya Seth of Kreative Strokes.

Housed in Greater Noida's first green building, the eco-friendly office studio hub reduces environmental impact with its intelligent use of land, energy and water consumption. Manthan envisages a modern day, user-friendly work environment that is sophisticated and contemporary, yet simple and affordable. The task set out for Seth was simple: to translate this concept into design and execute it!

Ripples and Waves

Manthan refers to the churning of the milky ocean. Thus, the reception was themed around features associated with water – a boat-shaped reception table atop wave patterned glossy tiles – and lamp shades, wallpapers, carpets and films with wave patterns were chosen as the design feature for this area. The reception area is segregated from the cafe lounge by a translucent water body, comprising a vertical glass sheet along which a thin sheet of subtly illuminated water slides down.

Inside View

Adjacent to the reception is a landscaped balcony with lounge chairs. From the reception, two inter-connected corridors segregate the areas where visitors and clients may be entertained and those where only office staff is expected to be present. The subtle use of glass, film and screens provides ample privacy, yet gives a sense of openness.

The lounge, conference rooms, gym, spa and office equipment are shared by different offices, all located on either side of the two corridors. This facility includes two offices with super areas of 550 sq ft and 750 sq ft, respectively. The café that serves these offices is designed as a simple yet elegant lounge with a coffee shop. It has comfortable chairs, subdued lights and a predominantly purple décor, which gives it an unusual opulence. Both conference rooms have pleasing a blue and white decor with green landscaped areas alongside.

Breathing Space

Each area overlooks or opens into a landscaped court. This offers respite to the hardworking employees who wish to take a break. The offices and directors' cabins are fully furnished with modular furniture, adequate storage and comfortable movement space. All work areas have a blue and white design concept. The work stations are spacious and well illuminated.


Following the ocean theme, the wave pattern is also applied on the partitions. Overall, the décor opts for a rustic look. Various stone finishes (some with a 3-D appearance), wood tones complemented by the white tile flooring, and judicious use of wooden flooring is seen throughout the office space. Lighting is a combination of LEDs, CFL and traditional lights. High-efficiency windows are oriented such that they offer maximum efficiency in bringing in light and keeping out the heat, thus ensuring minimum dependence on air-conditioning.

In its own way, the Manthan office makes a statement of simple design that functions efficiently. A win-win situation all around!

Sandhya Seth

  • Firm: Kreative Strokes
  • Firm's specialisation: Contemporary designs for offices.
  • Design philosophy: Simple, elegant and cost-effective.
  • Philosophy towards life: Keep it simple!

Photos Courtesy: AMR Iinfrastructure

Contact: Kreative Strokes, 27/48, 3rd floor, Old Rajender Nagar, New Delhi 110 060.

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