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Top Architects | September 2013

Sameep Padora

Sameep Padora, Principal Architect, Sameep Padora and Associates (sP+A)

Whether it is the innovative use of technology or discovering a hybrid material, for Sameep Padora the focus of design stays on context and encourages questioning of accepted notions for every project type...

What does innovation in architecture mean to you?
Any kind of innovation, in architecture or elsewhere, needs to challenge accepted ways of doing things, not just as change for the sake of change. True innovation must be built on a studied analysis of what is incumbent and what is the logic that warrants that change.

The most innovative and flexible material you have come across and why...
Material is as flexible as one makes it out to be, and hence innovation lies with the processes that articulate materiality rather than the process itself.

The most innovative piece of architecture you have come across and why...
I would mention Fallingwater House and Salk Institute in the USA for their conversation with nature; Carpenter Centre, USA and the Neue Staatsgalerie in Germany for their ability to transform building programs into urban design commentaries…I have at least 40 more examples...

An innovation in architecture you look forward to...
A reduction to essentials.

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