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Industry Take | June 2014

Delta Force

Representing one of the world´s leading global faucet companies, President of Delta Faucet Company, Richard R O´Reagan, talks about the company´s presence in India and its offerings.

How has it been working in the Indian market?
The Delta Faucet Company is a leading faucet brand in the United States. We entered the Indian faucet industry two years ago after thorough market analysis, whereby we gauged the trends and opportunities in the market. Although there was already competition from other foreign brands, we perceived the opportunity of growth, particularly in the premium segment.

It is a tough market. How do you plan to establish your presence?
We are currently working in tandem with our dealers, as this relationship is crucial in establishing a market presence. We are also focused on spreading our brand awareness as well as reaching out to designers and architects in the country by keeping them updated with our product offerings.

What is unique about your company´s offerings?
We bring in innovation in a number of ways. For instance, H20 Connect, with its 0.6 mm droplets, not only absorbs more heat but also gives an ultimate drenching feel. For a better experience, water droplets are spiraled through the faucet and a lot of water is saved in the process.

What does the Indian market require?
The Indian market has some unique needs, which partly comes from our habits and the way our plumbing infrastructure is structured. As two thirds of our country is hot, cold water taps work better here. Also, we have made small changes in the technicalities of our products. As the water pressure conditions are different from those in the US, changes in aerators and air restrictors have been made.

How has the market responded to your products?
We are extremely encouraged by the response. Within the first year of our Indian operations, we have been able to bag 14 project orders.

What is your analysis of the current buying trend?
There are different ways to look at it and the buying trend is highly dependent on your particular niche or segment. Our studies have shown that customers are drawn towards style, innovation and quality. This combination is very relevant in the Indian market. As compared to other markets, the Indian consumer has shown to be an early adopter of technology and innovation.

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