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Industry Take | July 2014

Grand Gesture

Rohin Ramchandani, Managing Director of Grandeur Interiors throws light on the various advances in kitchen interiors.

Can you enlighten us about the modular kitchen industry in India?
The modular kitchen industry in India is constantly growing, with modular kitchens becoming a standard offering across various housing segments. Earlier, modular kitchens were restricted to luxury housing, but now they are making their way into medium and entry-level housing segments too. Over the last 15 years, we have seen the industry evolve drastically.

What is the latest offering in this segment?
Open kitchens are becoming increasingly popular, with no clear demarcation between the kitchen and the living room. This has led kitchen stalwarts like DelTongo to launch a new line of kitchen models specifically catering to this trend. In addition, there is a significant increase in the number of entertainment systems that are specifically made for kitchens. For instance, Ballerina Knchen and Grandeur have collaborated with Harman Kardon to come out with an integrated music system that is specially made for kitchens, as a part of the new 2014 range.

Why are European kitchens a good fit for India?
Among a list of many arguments that are in favour of European style kitchens, durability tops the list. European production methodology coupled with the use of superior raw materials are the factors that make these kitchens far more durable than their local counterparts. Initially, this difference is not visible to the consumer, but as time goes by, the superior quality of imported European kitchens becomes more apparent.

Also, one can't undermine the cutting edge design of European kitchens, which is a result of many decades of design evolution. Plus, the European kitchen producers have realised the potential of the Indian market and have therefore begun to produce products specifically for India. For example, in collaboration with DelTongo, Grandeur has made aluminium plinths and special anti-scratch finishes that are conducive to the relatively rough use in India. These help in further increasing the life of durable kitchens.

What are the latest finishes and materials used for kitchens? Please tell us a bit about your company's latest and most innovative creation.
DelTongo has just launched a new finish Fenix NTM that is a breakthrough in nanotechnology research. This new extra matt finish has several advantages over standard finishes and is scratch resistant, anti-fingerprint, anti-static and anti-bacterial. However, the standout feature for this finish is its ability to self-heal scratches on its surface by simply applying heat.

Grandeur has also collaborated with Ballerina Knchen to bring digitally printed kitchen shutters that are available in glass and melamine. This allows for a greater degree of personalisation and customers can now have any pattern or picture on their kitchen shutters as well.

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