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Most Admired Architect - Bijoy Jain

For ace architect Bijoy Jain, architecture is a practice that engages all the five senses that makes one human. The best part of being an architect is that every day is a new day and that our imagination is the only thing we have to negotiate all the trials and tribulations one encounters through this journey.¨ For celebrated architect Bijoy Jain, architecture is his raison d´etre. ¨Whether it is shaping ourselves, cities or our environment, architecture is a practice that engages all our five senses and that makes us humans.¨ Bijoy Jain´s greatest strength lies in the fact that his connect with nature hits the correct note and this makes his work extraordinary. ¨The essence of the work lies in the relationship between land and architecture. The endeavour is to show the genuine possibility in creating buildings that emerge through a process of collective dialogue, a face-to-face sharing of knowledge through imagination, intimacy, and modesty.¨ Jain´s tryst with his destiny started as a young boy when he toured the country with his parents and was exposed to a varied repertoire of architecture. From Le Corbusier in Chandigarh to Louis Khan in Ahmedabad to the unknown masters who built India´s ancient civilization as seen in the Ajanta Ellora temples. Jain´s architectural firm Studio Mumbai is the manifestation of his ideology. ¨With an infrastructure of skilled craftsmen and architects, the group shares an environment created from an iterative process, where ideas are explored through the production of large-scale mock-ups, models, material studies, sketches and drawings. Projects are developed through careful consideration of place and a practice that draws from traditional skills, local building techniques, materials and an ingenuity arising from limited resources¨. Counted amongst India´s top architects, Jain wears this mantle humbly. ¨I believe architecture is a discipline that engages thought, mind and body. Much like riyaz, a rigour of practice. With fame, comes a greater responsibility. Moving forward is to work with integrity first towards myself.¨ ¨The turning point in my career, was experiencing the vastness of Varanasi, where space exists between life and death. The pursuit of practising to be an architect, is a life´s endeavour in the truest sense, that of exploring space through oneself and finding an expression through the things that we make.¨ And his dream for architecture in India? ¨We should build with care and consideration to one another, in the possibility that we all live and breathe and share the environment that surrounds us with greater equanimity.¨
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