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Private Quarters | July 2013

Redefining luxe quotient

Designing a dream home may not be easy but is hugely satisfying as architect Prakash Walde

will vouch. Along with Vector Projects, Walde has created a luxury house that is lavish, stylish, elegant and yet…a home.

Designing a dream home is a challenge that doesn’t just demand creativity. To visualise another person’s dream, it is vital that you get under the skin of the person to be able to deliver what he wants the way he wants it. When architect Prakash Walde was offered the opportunity to translate his client’s dream into reality, he knew he had a formidable task on hand. But then, every work of art comes with some challenges and this was no different.

An unusual brief
This assignment came with the most unusual brief possible: combining two 6,000 sq ft floors to make a duplex, with stairs connecting the two floors, and an elevator that privately connected the duplex master bedroom; carving just four bedrooms in the entire space plus a formal and informal living room using the latest materials in the market, yet ensuring that the space was practical enough to suit the family’s needs and give them a homely feel. The whole house had to be pulled down to create the required rooms. The project was executed in an already occupied space, so work hours had to be lesser than normal and material handling had to be carefully managed. Luckily, there were no monetary constraints!

Design challenges
Taking up the challenge, Walde designed the house with a central atrium kind of plan, where the formal living room on the lower floor and the informal living room on the upper floor could act as a gathering space.

Minimalist furniture, with the best of finishes, became an eye-catcher in each of the rooms, but the real attention grabber was the outstanding view of the Arabian Sea. Framed by 13 ft tall French windows that open up into lushly landscaped terraces reaching out to the sea, the breathtakingly beautiful view is undoubtedly the star attraction of the house.

Each room has been distinctly treated; one has slits on the ceiling and walls that are lit up with lights, glass wardrobes and a beige-dominant décor; another room is washed in black with a shiny black floor and rough and tough looking interiors. A third room is also in dark tones with the black stone floor, but hosts some variants of the colour. A walk-in wardrobe is attached to this room. There is also a home theatre with modular seating lending flexibility to arrange the space according to the requirement. One element that has made a classic design statement even as it connected the upper and lower floors of the duplex is the circular staircase. “It is made in monolithic Corian handrails and solid wood treads with no risers,” shares Umesh Rao, Founder and CEO, Vector Projects. Taking the stairs, one can go to the informal living room. The family meeting room where easy conversation, camaraderie and bonding flourish has tones of warmth in the beige and green couches. Fantastic and special light fittings have been selected to reflect the grandeur of the space as well as focus on some select artwork.

Feel of home
Though the basic design of this luxury home was grand, with every designing element embellished into it being flawless, Walde also had to keep the second part of the brief in mind. The new design should reek of class, style and elegance but it had to look like a much loved home too. Recalls Walde, “The clients desired a modern, elegant yet cosy feel to the space. Thus, we stuck to a very earthy colour palette with browns, beiges and creamy whites in varied textures to ensure that the desired look was achieved. Dark veneers and rough travertino contributed to creating that home-like feeling.”

Master bedroom, masterstroke
However, it is the master bedroom that holds the key to the architect’s genius. A duplex of its own, it’s connected by a lift, with the bed and a seating arrangement on the floor above and a private office for the gentleman and a walk in wardrobe for the lady of the house in the lower floor. With gorgeous contemporary furniture, stunning lights and beautiful wood laminations, the master bedroom is where every dream can come alive.

Total Area: 12,000 sq ft
TEXT: Sumisha Arora
photos: Indrajit Sathe, Vector Projects
Meet the designers

Manjushree and Prakash Walde
Firm: WDS, founded in 2010.
Firm specialization: Residential architecture and interiors.
Design philosophy: It’s all about responding to ’the intangible human senses’ by the very much tangible elements like materials, textures, colours and fragrances.
Philosophy towards life: There is no alternative to hard work in life until you die… so better get used to it.
Favourite architect/Designer: Sir Chirstopher Charles Benninger, Phillipe Jean Nuel
WDS, C-517, Dahlia,
Raheja Gardens,
Wanowarie, Pune - 411 040. 40.
Mobile: (0) 95527 98867.
Vector House, LBS Marg,
Bhandup (W),
Mumbai – 400 078.
Tel: 022-6697 2893/94/95

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