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Smart Design | March 2014

Singapore Sling

Inspired by Peranakan homes in Singapore, designer Sonia Mohindra designs a gorgeous little restaurant spread over three levels.

When you think oriental, you think Chinese, or if you are sushi lover, Japanese. But with Silk, designer Sonia Mohindra, Director, Under One Roof Hotel Consultants introduces you to a less known design the Peranakan house that is unique to another oriental country, Singapore.

Peranakans refers to Malay-origin people who have settled in Singapore. Their homes are typically small spaces that are vertically stacked, and are identified with large doses of deep colours, open, distressed finishes and accessorisation influenced by the British colonial era. The restaurant Silk draws its design from these houses, and its name from the one common element that binds the oriental region Silk fabric.

The rough and the smooth
Spread across ground, mezzanine and the first floor that houses the lounge, Silk´s space transition is as smooth as the fabric it is named after. Stone-look tiles adorn the floor of the restaurant, while the lounge floor is clad in wood to ensure a clear distinction between the two spaces. While colour is found in gay abundance in the restaurant, the lounge opts for large doses of white, with colour coming in through the coloured lighting. The Peranakan´s love for Buddha is represented by the numerous idols of Buddha placed niches.

Apt rendition
It almost feels like the raw space was built for such a theme. The old staircase that is clad in colourful locally produced handmade tiles, the large arch windows that bring in ample natural light, the green, purple and burgundy colours, all come together to create a cheerful ambience and a close rendition of the Peranakan style of design. Compact and attractive like a little doll house, this restaurant is a sheer delight to have your meal in.

Total Area: 2,400 sq ft
Text: Sumisha Gilotra
photos: Arun Sarin

Under One Roof Hotel Consultants,
A-103, Rishi Apartments, Alaknanda, New Delhi-110019.
Tel: 01126-521 201, 521 202.

Meet the designer
Sonia Mohindra
Firm: Under One Roof Hotel Consultants founded in 2000.
Firm specialisation: Creating hospitality spaces from concept to commissioning.
Design philosophy: Hospitality design is about function over form and making the spaces aesthetically appealing while adhering to functionality.
Philosophy towards life: Life is beautiful; enjoy it to the fullest. Favourite architect/Designer: Sir Terence Conran for his amazing versatility within the sphere of hospitality design.

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