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Classy and corporate

When Jimmy Mistry from Della Tecnica designed a no-nonsense office for Black and Veatch's company headquarters in Pune, he sneaked surprise design elements into every nook and cranny...

When a nearly-a-decade old leading global engineering company set up their head¡quarters in the suburbs of Pune, they wanted their offices to represent the organisation's deeply held principles. Basing his design on the company's philosophy, Jimmy Mistry, Managing Director, Della Tecnica has designed an office that adopts modern, clean, straight lines. The design also uses environmentally-friendly materials to reflect the responsible nature of the organisation.

Branding it best

The entire office sports muted tones of white, black and darker tones of wood. The only other colours in this office came from a carefully thought-out medium of branding and ample use of greenery. The values and work culture of Black and Veatch International have been presented through the medium of graphic design, which brings colour to the space. The company's brand is well-represented in the reception and the lobby areas that lead to the elevators, as this is the first point of contact between the client and the company. Keeping the branding theme in mind, each column in the office has been represented to denote the team working in that area on a particular business vertical.

Bright and spacious

The peripheral design concept adopted here allows the maximum flow of natural light into the office. The glass on the front facia also allows light to permeate into the central core of the office. Enclosed spaces like the cabins and the meeting areas are set up at the periphery, making the centre of the office space look expansive. Dry-wall partitions are used to segregate cabins and other spaces.

Meeting grounds

The informal meeting room-cum-lounge has an inviting ambience, with its comfortable Barcelona chairs, acoustic ceiling tiles, and warm lighting. The other meeting and conference rooms are designed such that the company's corporate colours are highlighted. The black and white chairs in the conference room are businesslike in character. The most interesting element in this room is the eye-catching curvilinear book rack.

In tune with the overall office setting, the vice-president's cabin is also very contemporary. The sleek table that curves at the edges and an interesting book shelf installed between curly brackets give the room an individual character.

Inspiring employees

The black and white theme has been carried forward to the workfloor; the workstations for the consultants have a half-height partition. A dash of colour is added most innovatively with sari fabrics that bring a vibrant, youthful, yet homely feel to the workplace. "We created a design using over 250 saris; this element increases emotional bonding amongst the employees and towards the company," says Mistry.

The training rooms have also retained the sleek edge, which is softened with interesting design elements. Acoustical insulation through use of cladding materials ensures that the occupants work and learn with minimum distraction. The tables are freely suspended from the floors, curving at an angle of 30 degrees.

Taking a break

The 80-seater cafeteria is perceptibly more casual and relaxing than the workspaces. The calming effect in the cafeteria owes much to the predominantly green tones used here. The tables, made from ITA gold stone, beautifully contrast against the grass-printed vinyl flooring. The exposed black ceilings and the contrasting white ceilings, along with the lighting pods, give the place the feel of a coffee shop.

Wall of design

One quirky element that piques interest is an artwork in plaster of paris: the handprints of the management and projects team involved in designing the office were cast in plaster of paris and a grid of these panels was created to form the artwork on one wall. "This facilitates an emotional connect of the management team with the office," says Mistry.

The graphics and planters on the passage walls give a unique expression to the space.

This is a sleek corporate office, yet it has none of the impersonality associated with such spaces. It's special warmth comes from design elements that appeal to the emotions - the saree fabric, the handprints cast in plaster, the planters in the passage...Indeed, if one were to judge the company on basis of their office, one would guess they were a responsible business with heart - all done in great style, of course!


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