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Gem of a Design

Designed by Urban Studio, the traditional ambience and vibrant colours of Devi Ratn promise its guests an experience of a lifetime.

The thought of Rajasthan brings to mind a land rich in colour, tradition and effervescence. This spirit is captured in the recently opened luxury hotel Devi Ratn in Jaipur. With hotels all over the world preferring to adopt the language of contemporary and modern design today, a contemporary hotel that basks in tradition comes as a breath of fresh air.

Traditional influences

"Within the framework of the master plan and the RCC structure, our brief was to create a modern luxury hotel in Jaipur," says Pronit Nath, Principal Architect, Urban Studio, the interior designer on the project.

With the architecture and landscape designed by Prabhakar Bhagwat, Principal Architect, Landscape India, the hotel takes cues from the famous Jantar Mantar in Jaipur; the spaces of the hotel are made up of bold forms, dramatic scales and rhythmic repetition. Each pattern combines the aesthetics of the present with the emotional values of the past and forms an eclectic language that echoes throughout the project, ranging from the leheriya textile patterns on the floors, the glass layering on the walls and the jaali, to the product scale of accessories, cutlery and textiles.

Nath elaborates: "The jaali is a shading device that is integral to traditional Rajasthani architecture." At Devi Ratn, the scale, density and porosity of these jaali have been changed with reference to its context, but its original hand carved nature remains. A red stone jaali engulfs the entire reception and is animated by the play of light and shadows across its length.

Cosmic colours

Devi Ratn takes its name from the Nav Ratn or nine pure gemstones. Nath says, "The vibrant Nav Ratn colours have informed the colour palate at Devi Ratn." Stones like Agra red, Bheslana marbles, sandstone and slate in combination with hammered metal, leafing and mirror work interpret the Nav Ratn in the interior spaces. Most of these spaces are monochromatic with shades and tones of the same colour.

Illuminating images

Lighting is crucial for creating the right ambience. Besides having to fulfil all the relevant lux levels of light, the lighting in Devi Ratn endeavours to create a strong sense of drama. A lot of bounce light is used to give a soft comfortable feel to the spaces; thereby accentuating the materials, colours and patterns used across.

Royal treatment

Devi Ratn is equipped with 63 suites planned along crescent-shaped streets at varying heights. Each suite enjoys a view of the Aravali Mountains in the backdrop and is equipped with modern amenities.

Vibrant gemstone hues, unique black and white terrazzo flooring and traditional bay windows for seating distinguish the spaces. The deluxe suites are done up in shades of ruby red, coral orange, emerald green and yellow sapphire. Geometric adaptations transform traditional paintings into a new form of visual art that enlivens the space.

Nath says, "Abstracting jewellery, the traditional neck­piece has been reinterpreted to form the modern neck­lace; embellished with traditional tekri mirror work, it threads its way across the room, uniting various elements."


The resort also offers three 1,900 sq ft villas that are set in an enclosed courtyard, each with a private pool and jacuzzi. The interiors are crafted with intricate inlay, hammered metal surfaces and mirror work. Nath points out, "The colours of the rooms – metallic silvers, golds and coppers – make them more opulent." White metal and semiprecious stones have also been used as special touches. The entire villa façade is made up of stone latticework.


When it comes to dining, the guest could choose from several enticing venues. The pool-side Jal afé is a glass palace with layers of glass arches and iconic patterns from the Amer Fort transposed on the façade for visual layering and luminosity.

The circular Chakra Bar is illuminated by the gentle movement of lights, creating a twinkling night sky, while Vajra – the restaurant – envelopes its visitors in a shimmering ambience of gold and silver. Commenting on its architecture, Nath says, "The domes of the restaurant have been faceted and painted with metallic colours to form a space that is of the present but informed by the past." Special dining is also possible at various rooftop venues or at the Pavilion – the highest vantage point on the property.


Taking inspiration from the ambience of the hotel, the 20,000 sq ft Devi Spa by L'Occitane' is designed as a meditative place for rejuvenating the mind and body. The monolithic Sila conference room – a white marble cube within a courtyard – in contrast, is perfect for small exclusive groups and high-powered board meetings. One can also unwind by a lotus patterned pool or indulge in activities like horse riding, camel safaris, kite flying and astrology.

The city of Jaipur, famed for its charming market place and numerous historic tourist attractions, is already a must-visit destination. A stay at Jaipur's Devi Ratn can complete the experience and make lifetime memories!

Total Area: 3 lakh sq ft
Total Cost: Approximately Rs 100 crore

Project designers: Urban Studio, Pronit Nath and Amisha Nath

Project Manager: Deepak Sabarwal, Paradigm Design, Website:

Meet the Designer: Pronit Nath

  • Firm: Urban Studio established in 2003.
  • Firm specialisation: Architectural and interior design.
  • Design philosophy: Good design is good business.
  • Philosophy towards life: Be in the moment.
  • Favourite designer/architect: Studio Mumbai and UN Studio in Amsterdam.


Area  Stone
Restaurant flooring  Grey Will Am
Lobby flooring  Conglomerate red & peach
Lobby wall  G R C
Corridor  Rajasthan grey and black
Conference hall  Marble
Banquet and pre-function area  Conglomerate grey
Gents cloak room wall  Indian lavender
Gents cloak room floor  Conglomerate brown
Ladies cloak room wall  Conglomerate orange
Ladies cloak room floor   Conglomerate red
Handicapped cloak room wall  Indian lavender
Handicapped cloak room floor  Conglomerate brown
Guest room floor  Terrazzo tiles
Guest room window, door frames, jharokha  Red sandstone
Guest bathroom floor  Marble and Rajasthan black
Guest bathroom walls  Marble
Main porch  Flame blast and river wash granite

Photos: Amit Mehra

Contact: Devi Ratn, Ballupura Farms, Village Jamdoli, Agra Road, Jaipur, Rajasthan-303 012. Tel: 0141 3050211; Website:

Urban Studio, Mimi Building No.19, Ground Floor, Plot No. 60, 1st Road TPS IV, Almeida Park, Bandra (West), Mumbai-400 050; Tel: 022-2640 6717; E-mail:; Website :

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