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Hafeez Contractor

Hafeez Contractor, Proprietor, Architect Hafeez Contractor

The biggest contributor to the changing skyline of Mumbai, Hafeez Contractor is the name behind the design of some of the most prestigious residential and commercial complexes in the city. His renowned projects include Imperial Towers in Worli and Hiranandani residential complexes in Powai and Thane. His namesake firm has expanded footprints in over five countries.

What does innovation mean to you?
Innovation means doing things appropriately and solving a need.

The most innovative and flexible material you have come across and why...
Each material is flexible and innovative, depending on the way you look at it and the way you make use of it. Each and every material is a star. When we wanted to build some schools economically, mud became the most innovative material for the job, because it fitted the cost and the purpose. But for a 100-storey building, mud is obviously inappropriate. It would be steel, glass or composite materials that I would use innovatively.

The most innovative piece of architecture you have come across, and why...
Again, there is nothing like 'most innovative'. We look at some museums or some art galleries and feel that they are the most innovative. But for all you know, a guy who has made a hut from two bamboos and thatch and the way he has used it, could be more innovative than somebody using steel and cement and making some great forms. It's what you put in, and what you get as an end product that counts.

An innovation in architecture that you look forward to and why...
I am looking forward to a new material that makes construction cheaper, better and faster.

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