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Special Feature | May 2014

Up and above

Ceilings are like a wild canvas. Designers now have the freedom to colour it with their imagination!

Gone are the days when ceilings were painted white and kept sober to keep the attention on the rest of the décor. In a reversal of sorts, the trend today is to experiment with the dimensions of the space, keeping everything at eye level simple while lavishing creativity on the ceilings. The new and innovative lighting solutions now available in the market have also been a factor in reinforcing this trend.

From creatively designed false ceilings to playing up the ceiling with materials like laminated wood, glass, mirror, wallpaper and even metal, the possibilities are limitless. Designers are going funky with ceilings, especially in restaurants - as this is one space that allows one to implement creative designs without hampering the smooth flow of movement and encroaching on floor space. In fact, for a restaurant or a retail store on the first floor, the best way to attract attention from passersbys is through the ceiling, since that is all that is visible from the ground floor. Smart, isn't it?

So let's check out some innovatively designed ceilings for inspiration...

Metal touch

At the Saffron Bay restaurant and banquet designed by Architect Sanjay Puri in Mumbai, the low height of the ceiling was countered by doing away with the false ceiling; instead, suspending aluminum discs at different levels were installed and a play of LED lights was introduced on the ceiling for drama. The effect is stunning!

Lacquered glamour

Eurocell stretch ceilings offer designers the opportunity to play around with colour and form. In this design, you see how a red lacquered Eurocell ceiling creates a dramatic look. The effects one can create through this technique are truly exciting!

Woody wise

At the N Bar and Grill designed by Sumeesh Menon, a series of seamless undulating waves in exposed plywood form the ceiling for the bar. A fantastic way to create a unique effect and make the space seem seamlessly attractive!

Mirroring its way through

Designed by b720 - Fermin Vazquez Arquitectos, a striking covered market in Barcelona has received the Wan Awards title in the commercial sector. Here, the designers have successfully developed an innovative space by using a mirrored ceiling which reflects the coloured clothes of people. The colours bounce off the mirror in the day light, creating a spectacular effect!

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Eurocell stretch ceilings offer a range of creative options for designers to achieve effects of their choice. A translucent version can be backlit for a dreamy flush ceiling. However, the fun element comes when you print upon the translucent ceiling, as seen here at the scan room at Appollo Hospital in Chennai.

With the designers' attention moving to the ceiling, each of us can now have something to look up to!

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