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The Devil is in the Details

Design aesthetics meet the vibrancy of cricket in the Delhi Daredevils office design by Manish Gulati, Principal Architect, M:OFA.

New has been the buzzword for Delhi Daredevils this season – a fresh team, an innovative logo and a spanking office. Inspired by the fluid curves of the team’s new logo, Manish Gulati, Principal Architect, MOFA, has infused the office space with the high energy pulse of a jam-packed stadium.

In keeping with the new brand image, the office has a youth-oriented semi-formal open plan, with multiple overlaps between the working and meeting areas. This idea of blurring the lines between the ‘work-play-meet’ areas allows the sporting vibe to flow unhindered through the office. “Apart from a formal conference room meant for sponsor meetings, we introduced two more meeting areas. One near the reception as an informal discussion/ideation space that could be reorganised in multiple configurations and the other space called ‘the think tank lounge’ as an ideal ‘work-play-meet’ space,” shares Gulati, who has crafted the 3,200 sq ft space with utmost care. Centre of attention Gulati has designed the think tank lounge like a swirl of energy. “We analysed multiple movie frames of batsmen hitting various strokes to the bowlers’ swing arms. By carefully overlapping various shots, we were able to derive the splines that led us to model a swirl cloud, which was a true representation of various cricket balls hit by multiple batting strokes in different directions all across a stadium,” he elaborates. This NURBS (Non Uniform Rational B-Splines) model was further evolved to be constructed economically, using a slender steel cage covered by modules of 4 inch x 3 feet of wooden planks recycled from waste shipping pallets. This size is approximately close to that of a cricket bat. The lower part of this installation was divided into trapezoidal panels each representing a player over the six years of Delhi Daredevils, which were UV printed over MDF boards.

The centrepiece of the office, this installation offers multiple experiences. From the outside, it emulates the energy of batting strokes, whereas from inside, it resonates the collective force of thousands of spectators cheering during the match.

Let’s work!
Conceptualised in collaboration with Steelcase, the workspaces were designed to encourage flexible collaborative working while keeping the identity of an individual desk intact. The opaque divider panel between workstations was replaced with low dynamic red acrylic panels to boost team spirit amongst co-workers. The clear glass partitions for executive cabins reduce hier­archy and encourage free flow of ideas that has resulted in strong team bonding between the upper management and managers.

Sporty appearance
The ambience has been kept sporty with the controlled use of corporate reds and ambers over the neutral grey palette as well as the extensive use of recycled wood planks and natural MDF panels. The light fixtures have been custom-designed by Luzlight Design Studio, New Delhi. Three long slivers of lights over each workstation represent the wicket, while the randomly placed linear point lights within the think tank lounge signify the flashbulbs in a stadium.

Personal touch
The air-conditioning ducts that run openly throughout the office have ‘Delhi Daredevils’ spray-painted in 10 different languages, representing the multi-cultural profile of the players. The reception desk is designed in white Corian with display boxes of various sizes in the backdrop to hold the team’s memorabilia. Other elements such as autographed bats, hand prints of players over last six years, LED screens, permanent display of player profiles over the cloud installation are used to connect the new with the old, and underscore the madness that cricket means in India.

A beautiful fusion of cricket and design, the office is sure to get a ‘thumbs up’ from the umpires of design.

Design Team: Manish Gulati, Abhishek Sorampuri, Sameeksha Gulati, Sonali Gupta, Smriti Dhawan
Project manager: Prashant Singhi
Total Area: 3,200 sq ft
Text: Sumisha Gilotra
photos: Dev Singh

Meet the designer Manish Gulati
Firm: M:OFA Studios founded in 2007.
Firm specialisation: Comprehensive architecture with interiors and urban landscapes.
Design philosophy: Truth, honesty and professionalism and above all the user.
Philosophy towards life: You only get one chance every time.
Favourite architect/Designer: None

Cement Board Panels: NCL Industries; Tel: 040-2320 3637.
Sanitaryware / Fittings: Hindware;
Tel: 0124-477 9200.
Flooring: Verona Carpet Tiles over recycled shipping pallet floor;
Furniture: Steelcase;
Chairs: BP Ergo; Tel: 022-6619 5555.
Air Conditioning: Samsung;
Lighting: Custom designed by MOFA with Luzlight Design Studio
Paint: Asian Paints; Tel: 022-3981 8000.
Cloud Installation: Recycled wood planks from shipping pallets.

M:OFA Studios,16/12, Lower Ground, Kalkaji, New Delhi-110 019.
Tel: 011-4051 3867.

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